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We have over 20 years trading the markets, from options, Currencies, Stocks and Futures. We specialize in the Futures markets because it offers the best leveraged opportunities.


Our mission is to teach high probability trading strategies to select individuals serious about trading for a living. Our approach is streamlined in such a way to make trading as easy as possible and to help keep our traders as safe as we can while you learn and perfect the art of trading.


Our Black Belt program strips away the myths surrounding trading. Our methods are clear, concise, and above all accurate. We set realistic goals and focus on quality over quantity.


What sets us apart is our simplified approach to trading allowing for true learning to occur without getting bogged down in the irrelevant details other methods would have you believe are necessary to be successful.


We believe that in trading "Less Is More"


Our Black Belt training Program is designed to work quickly, getting you into the markets and seeing success in just a short amount of time. Yet, even when you are in the markets and actively trading, our support continues.


With Strategic DayTrading and the Black Belt Program, you get so much more than a one-time mentoring program. Our services include extensive education in trading, as well as one-on-one technical and mindset mentor-ship. We also have live trading rooms you can join to help you learn all you can about trading successfully. In the end, your trading mentor will continue providing support and instruction until you are successful and are able to start trading for a living.

Our goal is to provide you with the fastest possible training program to teach you how to trade for a living. We also work to keep costs low, so you can receive our training at an unbelievable price. Through our partnership with NinjaTrader, you will have access to a free trading platform that offers all of the tools and programs you need for effective trading, without the hundreds of dollars other programs can cost.

Amateurs want to be right.

Professionals want to make money!

No Blown Out Accounts!



Our Black Belt wall is designed to put a spotlight on our successful traders that have not only went through the program, but have listened, and allowed us to mentor them. We all know how difficult it can be to master trading, and our Black Belt members have done just that.


While I truly believe that most traders can become profitable if they really want to, most will not. There are many reasons for this however, if I have to point to one of the most common reasons traders fail, it would be laziness followed by  ego, then greed and fear.  The first one, laziness, is one that comes from poor work ethic or a severe misunderstanding of what trading is and how to master trading.  Laziness is one that we can not help with, we have tried but it never works out because the trader or want to be trader just will not do the work needed to succeed. The others, greed, fear and ego we can usually help with if the trader will allow us.


All of our trader's on this wall are trading live accounts and while they will all tell you they still have losing days, they are making money consistently.


Our goal is that every trader that comes into our program reaches the "COVETED" Black Belt level within a reasonable period of time.

Black Belt 2012

KC began with us in about 2010 and brought a lot of analysis knowledge with him. KC is a master in pitchfork analysis and is very good at reading market structure and trading on the right side of the market.

Black Belt 2011

" I have been trading since the 1986 and was licensed as a series 7, 24, 63, and 3. I have traded in numerous rooms, purchased numerous trading systems for over $100,000.00 in licensing fees alone over the years, not to mention the trading losses. His systems are not some new, undiscovered break though system no one ever heard of, but time proven strategies that incorporate very reliable systems, such as Gann, Elliot, Fibonacci, etc. with the power of computerized executions, trade decisions, and strategies. They incorporate these proven trading systems into an extremely powerful optimized trading strategy can be back tested and proven before ever going live, enter and exit trades faster than humanly possible, stop trading when the markets are not profitable, computer-calculate the best chances of success on each trade, and take out all the emotion, second guessing, and stress from trading. The result is long term strategic compounding that returns profits that are hard for most people to fathom. The trading rooms are filled with people who share information and help each other from beginners to extremely advanced traders. JAM is an experienced trader, is very knowledgeable about programming, and has passed the prestigious MTA Level I exam. You will save yourself a lot of money by starting here. This is the fastest way to become profitable and the last place you will ever have to go to make it in this business. You won't get rich overnight. Give it a year, however, and you will see why he calls it "Strategic" Day Trading! I have closed all my businesses and this is the only thing I do now. I have never had so much freedom, reduced stress and financial security thanks to JAM

Scott H

The Black Belt wall is brand new as of July 4th 2014, we are in the process of getting with our previous Black Belts to get photos and their stories so we can post them. Some may not  allow photos, but if you spend a week with us in the room you will see many of the Black Belts in the room. Please check back over the next couple weeks while we get our write ups and images from our Black Belts and posted here. Of course any new ones will be posted top down.

I have been trading with Jam for almost two years and it amazes me how much better Jam's strategies continue to improve. He actually teaches you how to trade. A huge emphasis he teaches is to take a great high probability trade, not just a trade. He constantly points out what to look for as far as direction, entry and exit of a trade, and of course PATIENCE. Jim does not hold back any of his trading secrets. He has simplified how to trade.

Jam's trading techniques/trading room is the real deal. Compared to other trading rooms/software that is questionable, his room is a steal.

The Bottom Line: If you're serious about learning how to trade, I highly recommend Jam's trading room. It's real people making real money.... "

Julius P ...JAM Black Belt and profitable trader!


Black Belt July 2014

In my trading carrier I went through a couple of trading schools/rooms, and I think I chose the best. Jim is the person that has the ability to be a good coach, to teach to be a good trader. In many years of trading I have realized this is a job, which requires continuous training. I'm trying to absorb new good habits and eliminate bad and unnecessary ones. I have to admit that, I was convinced by his peaceful trading and clean charts. I have discovered trading world mostly on my own, but Jim and his system teach me to make money. He is a good teacher and knows how to consign his knowledge. Very honest and helpful person. He can tell and explain things, which I'm doing wrong, also coaching one on one. (not many people would do that) !!!

I know I've made right choice and I'm proud of it.

Jim and SDT team- Thank you

Peter Henzel (Chicago)


Black Belt May 2014

Strategic DayTrading has helped me improve my trading big time. When I began here, I began with a lot of baggage, but by working with Jim day by day I have learned the mental process of trading as well as the great system. If you only want to listen I’m 100% sure Jim can take you up to be a profitable trader. I have been with Jim for over a year now and I have always had help and support from Jim and strategic day trading. I am glad I have found this room. Real Member, come in and talk with me or any of our members in the room, most share the same opinions!

Marcin, Chi Town

Waiting for Image from Brett!


Great Job Brett keep up the great work.

Black Belt 2014

In my trading up to when I joined JAM at Strategic Day Trading I had some Ups and Downs more down days than ups

Thanks to Jim he taught me his trading strategy/system after six months of hard work and a great teacher/mentor I have become a black belt. I had a lot of bad habits that Jim spent time with and helped me break!

Now I am at a place in my trading with Jim's course/system I am able to trade profitable now without any stress and and to be patient  with my trading.


Thank you Jim for not giving up on me and taking me to profitable trading.


Brett from Sydney Australia

Trade Quality Not Quantity


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